The objective of this event will be to put companies in touch with highly skilled PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with strong backgrounds in mathematics, physics and computer sciences. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with representatives from various industries and learn about possible job opportunities outside of academia.


Companies interested in participating in this event should contact Valeria Pettorino

During the networking event we offer two possibilities:

Package 1: companies will have the possibility to display and distribute their material, and have their logo on the website of the ADA and COSMO21 events; companies come at their own expense; no further sponsorship is required.

Package 2: companies will have the possibility to give a sponsored short talk (offer limited to 2 slots); having flyers and/or handouts available at the start of the ADA and COSMO21 events; having an on-site desk for more than one day. This options require a sponsorship from companies of our event. If you are interested, send an email to Valeria Pettorino to discuss about tailored agreements that best fit your needs. In addition, we offer to waive the registration fee for any company employee that would like to also attend ADA and COSMO21 and learn about data analysis techniques used in cosmology (minimum sponsorship required).

List of Companies